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Your legacy as a fundraiser: an interactive exploration” Penny Cowden,MPA, CFRE, FAHP

You’ve committed to a career that focuses on helping donors leave a legacy that speaks to their values and their aspirations for the world. As philanthropic professionals, we have our own values. Aspirations. Dreams. Desires. What are they and how will you live them? Penny Cowden will inspire you to think about your own legacy—your gift to donors, to yourself and to the world. Your work has so much impact—likely more than you realize. What can you consciously do to understand and value your own legacy to the world of philanthropy? To explore and think about one’s Destiny, Character and Calling – or our “Why-Be-Do®” – is liberating and empowering; it inspires us and therefore others. Penny will offer some ideas and thoughts on our amazing legacy as fundraisers as well as some interactive fun with looking at your own “Why-Be-Do.” Join us for this opportunity to be inspired and inspiring!
Penny Cowden, MPA, CFRE, FAHP is President and founder of Philanthropy212—a consulting partnership that focuses on strategic planning, communications, leadership, coaching, board development and building programs that produce results. Her greatest joy is in advocating for the fundraising profession and professionals. She has specialized in not-for-profit philanthropy for twenty-five years holding executive level positions at major health systems and institutions in Washington, Colorado, Virginia, North Carolina and Arizona. Penny earned her bachelor’s from Portland State University and master’s degree from Washington State University. She holds the CFRE designation and has earned advanced certification as a Fellow in the Association of Healthcare Philanthropy (FAHP). She is a member of the Public Relations Society of America, The National Association of Not-for-Profit Executives and Organizations (Board Member), the Association of Healthcare Philanthropy, The National Association of Charitable Gift Planners (Previous Board member), and the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

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