Job Posting: Planned Giving Director

Company: The Salvation Army - Northwest Divisional Headquarters

Date Posted: Jul 25, 2017

The Salvation Army is a branch of the Christian Church and the ultimate goal of all programs is spiritual regeneration of all people.

The Salvation Army is an equal opportunity employer.

•    High school completion or GED required
•    Bachelor’s Degree preferred
•    Minimum 3-5 years of experience in planned gift fund raising or a related field.

•    Detail oriented and attention to detail
•    Self starter
•    Team player
•    Strong use of the English language in verbal and written communication
•    Strong public speaking skills
•    Strong networking and social skills
•    Ability to simplify complex issues to increase effectiveness of communication
•    Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and maintain poise under pressure
•    Customer service mindset
•    Working knowledge of charitable deduction calculation software
•    Strong analytical and research skills
•    General knowledge of business protocols
•    Ability and willingness to keep information confidential
•    Current, valid Washington State driver’s license and ability to pass TSA MVR check and in-house driving test
•    Must complete and adhere to Protecting the Mission requirements and guidelines, including the ability to pass a TSA background check

•    Microsoft Word and Excel required
•    Microsoft PowerPoint, helpful
•    Lotus Notes, helpful
•    Working knowledge of integrated database applications and ability to use new software programs with basic training.

The Planned Giving Director is responsible to the Divisional Commander for the administration, coordination and development of all phases of the Planned Giving Program within the Division.

1.    Promote, develop, and secure planned gifts.
2.    Report activities and production on the approved Salvation Army Divisional Planned Giving Field Report and the Completed Gift Agreement Report on at least a monthly basis.
3.    Maintain donor contact both before the completed gift and after.
4.    Keep up-to-date on all appropriate tax laws relating to planned giving.
5.    Keep familiar with the various planned giving agreements.
6.    Work cooperatively with the Divisional Leaders, Advisory Boards, Corps Officers, professionals and advisors.
7.    Promote, organize, and participate in the planned giving seminars in the Division.  There are four general approaches to the seminar program:
a.    The informal seminar conducted by the Planned Giving Director alone.
b.    The semi-formal seminar conducted by the Planned Giving Director with the aid of one or two professionals such as an attorney or trust officer.
c.    The formal seminar conducted by several professionals with the Planned Giving Director taking a supporting role.
d.    The totally professional seminar conducted for professionals of the community by a leading tax authority and sponsored by the Division or adjoining Divisions.
e.    These seminars should be organized with the involvement of the Territorial Planned Giving Consultant at the request of the Divisional Commander(s).
8.    Promote the planned giving program of the Division through media advertising, direct mail and Divisional publications.
9.    Establish an annual planned gift goal for the fiscal year October 1 to September 30 each year.
10.    Support, through planned giving activity, overall department goals including annual and capital campaigns.
11.    Cooperate with and participate in the approved training programs conducted by the Territorial Planned Giving Department.
12.      The Planned Giving Director shall work within the established framework and organization of the Division and the Territory.  To accomplish this, he or she will:
a.  Adhere to all policies as outlined in the Employee Handbook of The Salvation Army and in his or her employment agreement.
b.  Conduct activities within the framework of the Planned Giving Manual directives.
c.  Be responsible to the Divisional Commander and/or the other Divisional Officers or staff assigned to supervise his or her work.
d.  Work within the authorization of the Divisional Commander to carry out the duties and responsibilities of this position (donor contracts, correspondence, travel, etc.)
e.  Refrain from engaging in any activity, which might lead to a conflict of interest such as the sale of securities, real estate life insurance, etc.  Where these have been carried forward from previous employment, he or she will in no case be so involved while representing The Salvation Army or use Salvation Army contacts to make sales for personal profit.
f.  Work closely with approved Divisional Legal Counsel, with the Territorial Planned Giving Consultant, and through him or her with the Territorial Legal Counsel.
h.  Refrain from signing on behalf of The Salvation Army, from investing or subordinating funds belonging to a donor or to The Salvation Army.
i.  Refrain from any direct personal gain as a result of donor contacts.  Accept no gratuities or gifts and allow no bequests of remainder interest to be designated to the individual representing The Salvation Army.
j.  This position will be on a stated salary, and remuneration shall not be based on a percentage of funds raised or any other arrangement, which could be construed to be a commission.
k.  Be self-motivated, articulate, persuasive and people oriented.  Give attention to detail and be adaptable.

1.    In all matters involving donors or prospective donors, the interests of the donor shall come before that of The Salvation Army.  No program, agreement, trust, contract or commitment shall be urged upon a donor which would benefit The Salvation Army at the expense of the donor’s best interests.
2.    It is the policy of The Salvation Army to exercise caution against the use of any high-pressure sales techniques when dealing with donors.
3.    All information concerning donors shall be kept strictly confidential.
4.    The Salvation Army is a branch of the Christian Church and the ultimate goal of all programs is the physical, emotional and spiritual regeneration of all people.

•    Ability to sit, walk, stand, bend, squat, climb, kneel, and twist on an intermittent or continuous basis
•    Ability to grasp, push, pull objects such as files, file cabinet drawers, and reach overhead
•    Ability to operate telephone
•    Ability to operate a desktop or laptop computer
•    Ability to lift up to 25 lbs. (usually file boxes)
•    Ability to access and produce information from a computer
•    Ability to understand written information

Qualified individuals must be able to perform the essential duties of the position with or without accommodation.  A qualified person with a disability may request a modification or adjustment to the job or work environment in order meet the physical requirements of the position.  The Salvation Army will attempt to satisfy requests as long as the accommodation needed is a reasonable and no undue hardship would result.

SUPERVISOR:        Divisional Commander

Contact Info:
Elisa Christiani
The Salvation Army - NW DHQ

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